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This Java RegEx Learn and Test (JRxOCR) tool allows you to write or paste your java RegEx and test online whether your input matches with the pattern or not.

About RegEx :

Java RegEx (Regular Expression) is a powerful pattern to simplify many tedious tasks. Especially for developers, it simplifies the task of data validation for both server and client side and also used in syntax highlighting. But the thing is you need to write right RegEx code for any task. This Online Java RegEx Test tool helps yout to learn, build and test your RegEx online. Using this easy tool, you can learn RegEx online by testing with various possible inputs, quick references and readymade example available in the site.

How to Use?

Write your RegEx code in the Text Area provided above and type input at "Input Console" text area. Just click on the "Check for Match" button. Now all matching inputs will be marked with green color. Also the matching inputs are displayed separately in the right side div area. Clicking on the "Clear Mark" button, clears thr mark (i.e. removes the green color). Multiple lines are also accepted as input. You can use this to filter valid or invalid input. For example, you can filter all invalid mobile numbers from set of mobile numbers. "Check for Match" button finds all the input matching with the pattern. "Non-Matches" button filters all input that does not match with the pattern. "Clear I/O" button clears both the input and result

Running Example

We have given some example RegEx for testing. Just select from the combo box and click on "Check for Match".

You can find Java / J2ee Tutorials, example programs on RegEx at Javaonlineguide.net